The BA (Honours) in Photography, Film and Video is an innovative new course, offering a full-time four-year

programme, combining approaches to photography, film (still and moving image), video, sound, digital and post-
internet creative production. The course offers an innovative and engaging education in what is firmly established

as a critically relevant discipline in Fine Art practice today, as evident in the vast majority of works selected and
presented at many contemporary art institutions and large-scale art festivals, such as the Irish Museum of Modern
Art, The Venice Biennale, The Glasgow International. EVA International, the Berlin Biennale and Documenta.
Lens Based Media forms are treated as an expanded evolving field within contemporary visual culture, where
divisions between analogue, digital, the still and moving image are being reimagined through the potential offered
by emerging digital technologies. This new programme provides students with a comprehensive skillset, founded
on the principles of traditional photographic, moving image and lens based media processes, as they apply and are relevant to the rapidly advancing field of contemporary digital media, post-photographic, and post internet

The course challenges and supports students in engaging with complex contextualised inquiry, responding to the
changing multi-modal, multi-media environment we now inhabit, where the lens and all its forms of expression
have become the preeminent visual and conceptual language of the 21st century. With this in mind, the
Photography Film, Video programme aims to provide its students with the most cutting edge and relevant
framework for producing contemporary fine art today.
The Fine Art emphasis of this course provides a unique offering within current third-level educational provision in
Ireland. Our philosophy is to provide relevant, critically informed and socially engaged content which recognizes
the ever-evolving field of contemporary lens based visual practice, where previously distinct forms of analogue
and digital production are now converging through innovative platforms and technologies.

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The course is structured to include Year 1 - Core Common Modules in Fine Art and Design, in which students
receive a foundation in the basics of visual studio practice, creative & critical thinking, and professional practice,
within the broader context of general Fine Art & Design education. Selected Discipline modules in Year 1 also
provide in-depth instruction in both analogue and digital photographic production, as well as lens-based still and
moving image creation.
In Years 2, 3 & 4 students follow a semesterised programme, completing 6 Main Study modules in total. The
syllabus content of these modules is designed to support Studio-Based projects and learning, with the main
objectives being on developing independent practice-driven research, enhanced by input from Critical &
Contextual Studies, and Professional Practice training. A range of dedicated workshops, lectures, seminars,
critique forums and collaborative opportunities are offered to students each semester, covering analogue, digital,
and new media approaches to photography, moving image and lens-based image production / post-production.
Technical instruction is designed and delivered as knowledge situated in relation to key conceptual and theoretical
developments within the field of contemporary Fine Art cultural production. Students engage with programme
content through a range of reflective and authentic learning activities including;

• Regular studio tutorials with the main teaching team.
• Resource to Visiting Lecturers and industry experts.
• Participation in fieldtrips to national and international exhibitions, screenings and events.
• Completion of guided individualized research assignments.
• Access to specialized technical workshops and media training.
• Engagement in a variety of collaborative projects and opportunities.
• Development of a PDP (Professional Development Portfolio).
• Preparation of an interim exhibition in Year 3, and a Final Year Project (FYP)
for the Degree Show in Year 4.

Entry Requirements

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Photography Film Video

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Reasons to Apply:

Top 3 Reasons
1. This is the first programme of its kind in the West of Ireland, giving students an opportunity to be part of a dynamic learning environment at LSAD.

2. The programme offers students the chance to experience a variety of photographic, film and  video approaches to Fine Art and will develop crucial skills for an understanding of the use of images in society today.

3. The Visiting Lecturer programme offers students the chance to engage with prominent and leading figures in photography and lens-based media.

Class Contact Hours
Initially 23 hours per week in Year 1; however, as the programme progresses, the course of study becomes increasingly self-directed.

Did You Know?

Many contemporary artists use photography and lens-based media in a fluent and fluid manner – artists such as James Coleman, Sharon Lockhart, Tacita Dean, Joachim Koester, Matthew Buckingham and Gerard Byrne, each challenging the ways the world is seen and experienced.

Year 1
Common Art & Design Year 1. This is a shared foundation year, where students get to experience the range of disciplines available in the college, it also give the tutors a broader understanding of the abilities of the students and can advise them on the best choices available to them.

Year 2
This year aims to introduce students to the principles of Photography and Lens Based Media. Delivered through regular individual and group tutorials, seminars, workshops, fieldtrips, and a visiting lecturer programme, the module gives learning resources, time and space for students to develop and contextualise their individual projects. Special attention is given to the development of technical skills in the use of photography, lens-based media and related software.

Year 3
The aim of Year 3 is to further develop students’ engagement with the principles of Photography and Lens Based Media leading to the presentation of a body of work for assessment. Students will continue to focus and develop research methods to stimulate in-depth, complex ideas and to integrate such thinking into daily artistic practice. An emphasis will be placed on the formulation of a concise methodology around the production of individual projects. Students will also continue to develop skills in photography, lens-based media, multimedia and related software programmes.

Year 4
In this year there will be a combination of individual and group tutorials, seminars, workshops, professional practice and a visiting lecturer programme. This year gives learning resources, time and space for students to develop and contextualise a finished project involving the use of photography and lens-based media towards a final year BA degree exhibition. Students will focus and develop research methods to stimulate in-depth, complex ideas and to integrate such thinking into their practice. An emphasis will be placed on the presentation of a finalised project/exhibition that reflects and builds upon the technical and theoretical knowledge of each student.
If you require information on our course, please feel free to contact our course leader Lorraine Nesson for an info pack about the programme . PFV is a Undergraduade degress course BAFA at