Students are given a shared studios space in our Georgres Quay Campus,

Access to a full equiped and up to date lab with software in: Adobe Master Suite, Photoshop, In Design, After Effects, Premier, Isadoro 2.1, Mad Mapper, iStopmotion, Da Vinci Resolve, Syphon en coder, Logic Pro and Pro tools. The software is available in our Mac Suite, and in some areas of the Clare street campus also.

We have a fully functing Photo laboratory for Black & white and some colour developing processes. We work with Film and Super 8 moving image analogue technologies. There is some access to 16 mm hard ware also.

Students are taught on Film and DSLR cameras with a booking system for access to both these and our Medium Format Cameras. Our photo studio is bookable and suitable for shooting video, film and moving image as well as stills photography. We have Tunsten and LED lighting set ups with back drops to shoot Chroma Key technology. 

Our students are have a number of contact hours with our staff per week and then they are allowed to book out equipment and studio spaces for self directed project research and experimentation. 

We also aim to facilitate Work placements within the Lens Based Media industrial sector. To that end our students have had work experience in DOP and shoots in Ireland and internationally. PFV is a Undergraduade degress course BAFA at