Lens Based Media


Lens based media employs a number of different processes and methods to use the lens as a portal to artistic creation. 

In our media-saturated reality, it is easy to see why artists and curators look towards lens-based practice when producing or displaying artworks that describe the world in which we live. Even a cursory inspection of many contemporary art institutions and large-scale art festivals, such as the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Venice Biennale, Glasgow International, EVA International, Documenta, will reveal that the vast majority of works selected for these events are firmly grounded in lens based practice.

Some of the world's most successful artists in recent years work within this set of media and discourse. These include: Amie Siegel, Elizabeth Price, Ryan Trecartin, Hito Steyerl, John Gerrard, and Martha Rosler. With this in mind, the Photography & Lens Based Media aims to provide its students with the most cutting edge and relevant framework for producing contemporary fine art in the 21st century.

Based in Limerick, the home of EVA International, Ireland's only international biennial, the Photography and Lens Based Media degree course at Limerick School of Art and Design is currently recruiting for advanced entry to its programme. 

www.photogrpahyfilmvideo.com PFV is a Undergraduade degress course BAFA at www.lit.ie